Monday, May 16, 2011


You know...this is not a situation that we have everyday...but a meeting with this local made my friends' Tim and Gill trip sooooo special...We were walking in the surroundings of Sugar Loaf Mountain in a walkaway called PISTA CLAUDIO COUTINHO...And guess what...we decided to say hallo to our friend "ANACONDA" TORRES LOPES! :) hahahahahahah

She or he was sleeping, maybe after a rich meal full of little monkeys, some wild pigs, once in a while some stupid birds....We call this snake JIBOIA...very commonly found in our Atlantic Forest...Very seldon they attack humans...our meat is not that delicious for her!!! She prefers other delights!!!

I wish I could sleep under the shade of a Almond tree like our friend Anaconda, specially with a wonderful ocean view in Vermelha Beach, But I did want to register this moment and to let you know that I very much focus my tours in Nature, in People's Culture and off the beaten path places!!!

Be sure that when you come to Rio under my will be back as part of our Land too, and I am sure you will be back.

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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