Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nothing better than taking one friday night or saturday night and go to Lapa!!! :)

Simply amazing thing to do when you come to Rio, it is really a way to understand the JOY and the MOVEMENT of such ALIVE city!!! Late at night...3:00 in the morning...people chilling out with a lot of happiness with a lot of music everywhere...

Lapa is the capital of night life in Rio for centuries!!!! :)

LAPA is simply amazing....Lapa in old portuguese means "lightining"...and your night in LAPA can be absolutely BRIGHT.

People from all over the city goes to Lapa provinding an amazing democratic space!!! ALL AGES, ALL COLORS, ALL MUSIC....

Tim and Gill from Indiana - USA - went to Lapa with me and we had great fun!!! :)

Regarding my night tour you can be rest assured that you will see the TEMPLE OF OUR VERY INFORMAL SAMBA...the stage where all the musicians coming from the real roots of Samba perform. A place where new voices like Ana Costa and Ana Dionisio started their career...A place where our people love to go dancing...

CARIOCA DA GEMA...that is also a name for a real and proud resident of Rio!!!

Less teeth more music...hahahaha : )))))) Percussion in the Samba is something that shakes you like an Earthquake, and so much shaking in your body will make you naturally dancing Samba...Get involved with the Samba Atmosphere and come to enjoy the best of Rio.

My night tour takes you to Carioca da Gema and will make you be very familiar with the Culture Territory of Rio de Janeiro.

We can always have a night tour on mondays, fridays and saturdays..the entrance fee of Carioca da Gema varies between 25 reais and 30 reais. This fee and also any meal are NOT included in the tour. But for sure you will see the best places to come!

In 1602 the portuguese started to build a way to bring water to the town...and in 1723 they finally ended the construction which today is one of Rio's famous landmarks and site of the most vibrant night life of Rio for ages!!!!

A simple stroll in the neighborhood will make your night and of course we can stop in many different places in the street for delicious food. Lapa is magic...Lapa is one of the places where you will understand that what matters in life is being yourself and have fun!!!

The urban art is heavily present in Lapa. And Lapa is the center of SAMBA in when you come to Rio, think about visiting this music sanctuary.

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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