Monday, May 16, 2011


But not crossing the streets of Copacabana or stealing jewels of innocent ladies in the streets of Ipanema....Today we found the two species of monkey that we can find in the city. Out of the city there are more species but in Rio not every day, you can come across with these cute but not always in the mood monkeys.

This one is called MICO ESTRELA, also known as Sagui..they are cheerful and quite curious...I always find them when I have tours around the Sugar Loaf area, I love hiking there...Claudio Coutinho is the name of the park, it is a military area in Vermelha Beach.

And another "chap" we found is never really in a good temper but they are crazy for some food...I even risked my Tour Guide Reputation when I decided to buy one banana and give a little meal to my Capuchin friends...We had a nice time sharing the "desired fruit" until a Forest Guard came and nearly gave me a fine which is normally very high...Some environment laws in Brazil are very severe, and feeding animals of the local fauna is forbidden. Well...there are people who give HOT DOGS to monkeys, I was giving something which is a very traditional part of their diet!!!!!

These capuchin monkeys had different colors, size and habitats...these ones we mostly found at Tijuca National Park. And these monkeys are not grateful at all...they can be very agressive...

I must be very clear to you...not in every tour we will come across with them...but do not find strange if I suddenly ask you to bring some bananas for the tours!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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