Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When you choose to come to Rio and if by chance you have a guide called Rafael Torres Lopes, these are the places where you will see in one day tour. More than taking guests, I will be showing the best places of Rio for new friends that each of you will be!

We have famous places and unknown incredible surprises...very privilege views where you can explore your photography skills. Places that will remain in your minds forever.

In the tours, my major concern is giving you great memories of Rio.

I am sure all my guests have looooooads of fun here. Specially because I trully believe that one of the great joys of travelling is the thrill of the unexpected. It’s that magic vision, sound or taste that tingles your spine, slaps your face and disables your speech. You know, I travel, we travel, for the adventure and the scenery, for the culture and the fun!

And my wish when I first meet you is to get you in touch with our daily life so you can understand that Rio has a fascinating soul. The vibe of Rio makes any trip special!!!

I was honored and really glad to show the main places of Rio is such a short time to my Indiana's friend that trusted me their trip and I did my best to make it unique!!!

When you write to me requesting a tour, I will always have an itinerary that will make you see all of Rio, it will be a very intense day, full of laughs, full of different views and full of information. Showing you the places is not only the secret of a successful tour in Rio, you have to understand the secret of so many joy that Rio can offer.

I am here, much more than a simple Tour Guide, I am here to be your friend and I will take you to see my city with the EYES OF A LOCAL.

And thanks to my work I have wonderful friends in Indiana...what a fantastic couple I just met!!! Tim and Gill are my family in Indiana...wonderful and great State in the US. I hope to reach 100 years of friendship with all folks in Indiana just like Indianapolis Grand Prix is celebrating. 100 years of speed tradition!!! WOW!!!!

Your friend,

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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