Thursday, May 26, 2011


Attention all PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS!!!! Humbling speaking, I feel this is one of my best photos since I start to be an amateur photographer...YUUUUUUPIEEEEE!!! :) And I am happy that my victims were such dearest people like Marcone - THE FAMOUS MINI RAFA - and my great friend from North Carolina, Terrence. A very pristigeous doctor in Chapel Hill and a great doctor of joy, friendship and love in Brazil. A Dear Friend, a Real Brother and Loyal Guest.

Terrence in his various trips to Brazil always used my tours to see things that he knows it will provide unique experiences...and this time we chose to go to Paraty.

We went to see the exihibition at Casa da Cultura in Paraty that gives us a wonderful overall of our Native Population. And Paraty has a great opportunity to show their people and also to all visitors because the land was populated by the legendary Guaianás Indian Population that helped the portuguese to settle this wonderful corner in the South Shore of Rio State, they were strong enemies of the Tupiniquins, a fierced tribe whose canibals fame was well known by the Colonizers and Explorers..One of them had the sad luck to be a hostage and was nearly eaten alive, Hans Staden...the history of this german explorer gives a wonderful adventurous book in Brazil.

I am always interested about European Explorers who settled Brazil since the very beggining of our existance, and we have recent ones like our incredible photographer Maureen Bisilliat, she made an excellent work picturing the fascinating tribe Xingu in the middle of our country that streches between the Marshy lands of the Pantanal to the Amazon Jungle of Pará State. A very traditional Nation of Warriors. Maureen is from England, borned in Engle Fields, Surrey. Now she takes care of our famous and very important Latin American Memorial which is also the Latin American Institute in São Paulo.

In my opinion our indigenous population does not have the respect they deserve, specially the indigenous population in our Coast which I am quite familiar.

Marcone and I are very curious about Brazil's Heritage and Native Populations because we want to show to the World the value of our Country. We are proud Brazilians and we love to provide lots of knowledge and deep information about everything in the country. Marcone comes from Maranhão, one of the wildest States in Brazil where the indigenous population is massive. I was born in Rio and I always travelled all over Brazil in search of our own identity and I came across with many indigenous population specially in the Amazon and in the limits of Brazil and Argentina in the Iguazu Falls Area. I spent a lot of time getting to know the Guarani Population and we are very surprised to find part of the Guarani population here in the State of Rio, a small group in my dear homeland Niteroi and also a bigger village in a jungle spot in the mountains of Paraty, in a location called PARATY MIRIM and also a very important indigenous village in the State of São Paulo near the coast in Bertioga.

Well, at least I am reliefed to think that my Guests will not only have a Tour Guide, if you come to Rio de Janeiro you will be a real expert about Brazil and your time with us will worth Gold.

You will have someone who are passionate about Paraty...I must confess Paraty is no doubt one of my favorite places in Brazil. Our guest can be sure that no matter who will guide you. Myself, Marcone, Françoise, Suzi and Diana will give you THE REAL EXPERIENCE!!!

And the most important thing...I am not FORMAL...I AM VERY INFORMAL!!! :) hahahaha :)

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A Proud Brazilian

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