Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Location is perfect, it stands right in the heart of the HISTORIC CENTER of Paraty!!! The neighbors cannot be any better..The Hostel stands next door to the CASA DA CULTURA and to the COIN CRAFT MAKER, the uruguayan (and brazilian at heart) Marcelo Dalto who has his own workshop called ATELIER ARACATI - His work is simply amazing!!! - PLEASE VISIT HIS BLOG -

The Staff - FIRST CLASS...Glaucio and his people will always make sure that you will feel at home. Breakfast is simple like all HOSTELS, but it has a personal touch, the guests are always very well cultured people and the environment is simply very cool.

The House for sure is one of the old CASARÕES of Paraty - These are very old colonial houses preserved as a National Patrimony...the architecture is typically portuguese, meaning that the house has way more than 200 years. So space is fully guaranteed and the room is simply very pleasant, clean and comfortable!

The image speaks for me....cozy ambience...very warm when it is cold and completely cool when it is hot...equipped by ceiling fan and air conditioning, private bath room and very comfortable beds. All the with a price that you can really afford and you will be located in a prime region of the village. Right in the Center and close to the Pier where the boats leave for you to explore the marvelous and various islands of Paraty.

The HISTORIC CENTRE HOSTEL has a PATIO where you can commute with other people, a large table where you can chack your emails with two computers they offer and FREE WIFI - this is very important!!!

This is also the place where you will have your breakfast which I live very much and you can have the Bob's company...the dog of the house!!! : ))))))

I just have very good reasons for us to stay at HISTORIC CENTRE is a place for all ages..there is not a specific age group profile to stay there, no matter who you are, you will be treated like a very dear relative for the folks in the place. Very handy because you are close to the stores, to the cultural centers, to the main square Praça da Matriz, to the main lovely restaurants and to the Pier that allows you to choose many different boats for you to explore the islands.

Personally, I think the place is absolutely gorgeous...pleasant environment. You will love to stay there!!! You can book a place for you by adding their facebook profile which is!/profile.php?id=100000765868330 or you can write an email directly to and also do visit their webpage which is

You see??? There is no way to escape...make your reservation as soon as possible, and way in advance because the look for private rooms are very competitive!!! You request the dates way in advance upon deposits.

Thanks Glaucio for the warm welcome and excellent services that you provided for me, Marcone and Terrence...RIO DE JANEIRO AND CHAPEL HILL WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND YOUR PLACE!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Madly in love with Paraty

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