Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In the morning that I was supposed to rest and enjoy my free Sunday in one of the most interesting places in Brazil, I was answering email since six in the morning...Oh well, Passion for work???? Or too much committed with guests who cannot wait????

Well, This is me!!! I had to share my food with an incredible new friend, BOB...He is the dog of the hostel I was staying...his eyes very vibrant and such a clever dog...since I sat down he came to meto say GOOD MORNING!! In a Dog Style: AUCH AUCH AUCH...

How can you resist with such a look???? Well, he had some prime breakfast because I shared my food with him. He likes cheese!!! :) Bob is a mix of labrador and guess what...PIT BULL...

All dogs are wonderful, it has to do how you bring them up...And Bob was raised in a very cool and people's environment. He grew up among travellers from all over the World.

Glaucio, the hostel owner did a grewat Job to educate this GENTLEDOG!!!

The breakfast is simple but plenty...the basic coffe, milk, chocolate powder...bread...fruit juices, ham and cheese. It is a HOSTEL and what a wonderful HOSTEL!!!

Prices are really great, really affordable and comfort is can have your private room. Very well equipped with TV, A/C and comfortable beds with a private bath room. So quiet as all the rooms in Paraty.

For animal lovers...the HISTORIC CENTRE HOSTEL is Paradise...We have the company of Bob which is a sort of RP..and in the morning you hear all the birds and the monkeys!

I had the pleasure to invite my North Carolina friend Terrence Brayboy to join us in this little but so expected weekend. Marcone also came but he prefered to spend more time in bed because though we were resting we had a very busy agenda to explore the beauties of Paraty!!!

I will tell you more later...including I have to write about the Hostel which I highly recommend, you can add the HISTORIC CENTRE HOSTEL in Facebook, their profile is!/profile.php?id=100000765868330

I was there and I met all the folks...GREAT WORK!!! Wonderful place!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A Paraty Fanatic

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