Sunday, May 22, 2011


How delicious is waking up in a village that in a way stopped in time!!! Waking up with the birds and what a privilege hearing a BEM TE VI in my first "late hours" of the morning...

Here I reserved the right of waking up a little bit late without my "rooster Alarm" fascinating is coming across with a deep blue sky, with joyful sunshine on the old white walls of my flowering city...PARATY...

By the way, BEM TE VI is a little yellow chested and brown wing bird very common everywhere in Brazil with beautiful sing.

Good Morning Paraty!!! Here I am as usual, not so frequent as I wish to be but always with the heart open for NATURE INSPIRATION, for this lovely power of sound that only allow you to hear the birds...this lazy walking in the cobbled stones pavement where each corners give you a different sight to the sea and to the mountains.

GOOD MORNING tired of so many time to accomplish, of so many rush, so many crazy schedules and so many "heres and theres".

GOOD MORNING YOURSELF so curious about Brazil, so excited for you upcoming I introduce you this wonderful place full of history, full of incredible popular culture, full of endless ocean landscapes, full of navigator legends, full of tastes and full of colors!!!

GOOD MORNING MYSELF....This is the place where ME, MYSELF and I have some rest...this is the place where I like to see ME wondering in the streets of PAST to talk with my PRESENT about which directions I should go!!!

GOOD MORNING MY DESERVED REST that still demands to stand in front of the computer to write and write...I am very fortunate because I do enjoy this stuff.

Paraty is really a endless source of inspiration!!! :)))))))

IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with such a quietness and IMPOSSIBLE not to pay attention in a place preserved from all this countless years of constant growth and changes...Paraty got stuck in a time that do not belong to us but the city allows you to feel the vibe of those very distant days...when Rio was the capital of the portuguese Colony, and when Rio was the Capital of the Portuguese Kingdon and until now where all the people with good taste reach this charming town just to chill out.

Paraty is not only the wonderful place where I organize tours, it is my resting shelter...the little corner where I find inspiration for life. The place where "I meet with mysef"

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

With full of PHILOSOPHY!!!!

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