Saturday, May 21, 2011


But I will be back to Rio on monday and absolutely ready for a tour with canadian and american guests!!! :)

Yes...Paraty is one of my private shelters, also a place where I organize some tours, that means that one day I will take you there to get so fascinated with the incredible islands, lush jungle and fantastic waterfalls!!!

I am taking the chance that our friend from Chapel Hill, NC, Terrence is here, so Marcone and I will take him there! So it will be a little time to relax!!!

If you type Paraty in the search engine of this blog you will see more photos and you will know more about my deep love about this joyable historic town!!!

Our love for Paraty is boundless, everytime I go there is a time for complete pleasure!!! Its people...from all over Brazil and the World...its food, from the italian cottage in the middle of the jungle who makes home spaguettis...wonderful scenery and absolutely surprise in the middle of the Bush...from hidden waterfalls and very old sugar cane farms...

The land of Cachaça...the land of lazyness so I am ready to spend some hours in LAZY BASIS!!!!

But work never stops, in the evening I will reply my emails and MONDAY I WILL BE TOURING IN RIO!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Resting in Paraty

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