Saturday, June 4, 2011


The idea was imitating two monkeys...THE MONKEY PICTURE!!! But it turned out to be almost a HAKA DANCE...the War Dance of the Legendary Maori people. The land of my marvelous new New Zealander Friends...David, Sam and Bella....what a delicious adventure in brazilian fields!!! the first moment when you think about having a guide in Rio, you would think about meeting a normal person. Alright, normal you can really be convinced that I AM NOT!!! :)

The Scenery was in the beautiful beach of Piratininga in my homeland NITEROI.

The Haka is a traditional dance of the Maori of New Zealand. The Rugby National Team - the famous ALL BLACKS - adopted this war dance to show to other team how powerful they are...In fact, their faces scare anyone!!! The chants they usually use is the KA MATE, The Ka Mate was originally composed by Te Rauparaha, a war leader of the Ngati Toa tribe, as a celebration of life over death.

I am always blessed to have AOTEAROA (NEW ZEALAND in Maori) people, they come in few numbers but when they come we always have a fantastic time. Since the first kiwi group coming with my super sweet friend Melissa Mc Gregor and the Stracham Crew...John (the strongest...hahaha), Rebecca and Kevin and MUM Stracham; then Katya, from Christchurch, my only kiwi in the South African Expedition in Rio, what a wonderful friend she is.and now to continue the tradition to have fantastic KIWI people in my tours, David (MY KIWI FATHER HAHAHAHA :) and the little brother Sam and little sister Bella!!!

Now my friends...BE MY AMBASSADORS in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and every little city of this fascinating Nation called NEW ZEALAND.

Arohanui (LOTS OF LOVE)

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A KIWI FANATIC!!! :)))))

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