Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The best way to get in touch with local life when you travel is exploring the night...Rio is a party place...every brazilian LOOOOOOOOVE to live the night...And Rio samba is in the air just like Tango is in the air in Buenos Aires or Flamenco is in the air in Sevilla....

I know the hottest spots and the temple of our doubt about it...CARIOCA DA GEMA.

Me and Marcone (famous tour guide in Rio and best friend) are real habitué of the place and we are great fans of Brazilian Music...we have such a variety of rhythms that Brazil is one of the source of MUSIC in the World.

And we makes friends, and one of them, I am proud to tell, is our great friend and wonderful Brazilian Diva, LUIZA DIONIZIO....

If Samba is a religion, LUIZA IS THE HOLY MARY!!!! :)

Do not miss any chance to listen to her voice and her beat on youtube...I have some that I really love, one of them is her performance in the Famous Teatro Rival in Rio's Centro - and this one she was singing at CARIOCA DA GEMA - and finally

She is really the best representative of Samba Voices and the one that keeps our tradition lively...

By the way she is open for presentations abroad, I would love to promote here to every corner of this planet because she takes the MUSIC OF BRAZIL in her soul.

She is not only my friend, but a special BRAZILIAN STAR THAT SHINES IN THE SKY OF THIS PLANET...

Very easy to go to Carioca da Gema, it is one of the main Samba Houses in the bohemian district of Lapa which I highly recommend you to go...Every night the place is packed because it is simply the Carioca's favorite SAMBA CLUB in Rio de Janeiro, where music is genuine, food is delicious and people are really beautiful. So it is better to get there early so you can find a spot to be close to the stage or even sitting on the balcony where you can see the people playing Samba.

Night tours can be organized, I am ready to take you to Carioca da Gema and see much more life in Lapa..we will experience the culture of Rio and mingle with our nightgoers!!!

Get prepared and be aware that our night start have to go always after 10:00 pm...the time to get back to hotel just the FUN OF THE NIGHT will let you know!!!

Thanks Luiza to give our night the best flavour of our SAMBA!!!!

I am soooooooooooooo honored to have you in my heart!!!!

And you, my friends, count on me...if you want to really experience local's life...maybe I am the right person.

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide - Travel Planner

A friend in Rio!!!!

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