Monday, May 2, 2011


Israel always send me new friends and each day I realize that I must visit this incredible country because they always come to Brazil. They are famous travellers, everywhere you go you find an israeli always ready for adventure, always ready for knowledge...

It is easy to tour around with very well informed people and it is pleasant to travel in my own homeland with people who love people...So nothing better than a tour in Niteroi!!!

It is not a typical tour...the tour in Niteroi takes you to the soul of Brazil where you will meet brazilians and understand so many different life styles. And we started in the magic fishing village of Jurujuba. My new friends Shai, Efrat (am I writing correctly???) and Meir. Three people crazy about brazilian culture!!!

It is not exactly what we consider " a touristy attraction" is a local place with slow pace of life that makes us being part of our culture!!! Jurujuba is not at all glamourous...It is just a simple place where we see how people work and where people live.

Shai is a football fan ( and so do I) and look what we found??? A boat with the name of a very famous soccer player in the 70s....So Jurujuba can give you lots of surprises.

The place is my playground for human shots and daily life pictures...specially in black and I always take the chance to practice my hobby!!!

Labor...hard working....They live in a very simple way and when we walk in their community salutations like BOM DIA or BOA TARDE are often heard prooving that from the poor to the rich you will always treat kindly by Brazilians. Their friendly way is an attractions apart.

Yes...Jurujuba is part of a surprising destination called NITEROI. It is my homeland. I am not living there anymore, life and important reasons brought me back to Rio. But Niteroi remains in my heart and in some of my best memories.

Thanks to Israel for giving me also very special people!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide - Travel Planner

A friend of Israel

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