Sunday, May 1, 2011


Efrat from Tel Aviv, great company in my tours today with Shai, Meir and my Sri-Australian friend mal...Myself and the famous Selaron...

Well, Selaron everybody know!!! Needless any introdution, but above all Selaron is a good friend of mine and all the time we visit his stairs which is one of the most famous places in Rio de Janeiro, he is always there with his amazing "conversation topics" and "pleasant boastings" (he is an artist so "he can") and great welcome asking anyone where they are from....

THE STAIRS ARE AN EVERLASTING PART OF MY TOUR BECAUSE IT IS A REAL PRIDE FOR RIO. The place seems to be abandoned by official authorities but we, PEOPLE FROM RIO, and guides comitted with taking our guests to real local experiences, are the to help him showing to the World his amazing work!!!

This man alone places loads of tyles in a huge 130 meters stairs in the soul of Santa Tereza and Lapa, birth of bohemian life of Rio throughout the history of the city.

Going to the stairs is always a reason for LOUD GARGALHADAS (giggles)

So you can be sure that I will take you there when you arrive in Rio!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide - Travel Planner
Selaron's Friend

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