Monday, April 4, 2011


I really had to work hard to provide security to my aussie friends Darren, Juan and Grandma Lorna...But when we visited NITEROI, the whole safety crew of Rio were there...You know RIO IS VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY DANGEROUS!!!! I am just joking...our police force was training in the Forest close to the viewpoint where I take my guests in Niteroi. Parque da Cidade is a place that I am sure it is NOT in your list. But be sure that when you come to Rio, this is where we are going to take lovely pictures!!! Lorna was very lucky to have this very rare picture!!! They came to Rio de Janeiro as guests and now I have one family in Melbourne and I thought about them and decide to post our adventure here for everyone to know how dear and special my friends are to me.
Sugar Loaf was just one of the various places they visited with me in Rio...We went to the classic places and also to many off the beaten path places in Niteroi.

Talking about the Sugar Loaf - It is very easy to visit it on your own...We have more interesing places to visit, places which is very difficult for you to reach.

NITEROI is a wonderful surprise for every visitor.

We had a delicious time and I am sure that when they think about Brazil, they think about Rafa...These 3 people feeds daily my huge wish to go to Australia one day, a land that I am sure I will fee at home. I live in many australian hearts and I am proud of it.

Thank you Darren for all your friendship, thank you Juan for your so delicious sense of humour and all the chilean grace you have, you are also a very dear friend to me!!! AND MUITO OBRIGADO LORNA for your endless smile, for your huge generosity, for your so vibrant heart and for your ROYAL PRESENCE in Brazil.

I want each one of you that all the places that we have been are still lively with great memories of you.

Send all my love and BILLIONS of kisses to all WONDERFUL AUSSIE PEOPLE!!!

Tell them to visit this humble blog...I need the AUSSIE FLAG shining in my counter!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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