Sunday, March 27, 2011


I love to explore the unusual, I really enjoy to take my guests to unique places and I really appreciate the contact between my own people and my guests. Tours for me are not only visiting places, my tours gives you local experiences!!!

Like finding a boat's wrecage in a visit to our fishing village Jurujuba...a cool chance for you to experience local life and great people watching in a place where you will feel UNIQUE.

Plastic Tours are not for tours have to give you laughs, knowledge and great memories!!!

The tours you will never see myself in a microphone ORDERING you to see RIGHT OR LEFT. In my tours you will have to prepare your eyes and get your legs prepared!!!

Goats in the street in a urban center such as Rio??? POSSIBLE!!!! There is an amazing urban fauna everywhere we go in Rio, but do not start thinking that in your first day in Rio you will see monkeys and snakes in the streets, eh??? We have seen horses...pigs...and in the forests please do read my other postings so you will see beautiful birds and some monkeys as well!!!

We have to say to our people how important their work is...I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the city cleaners for them to keep the city where I work clean and in order for you to go all around. And NOOOOO, they are not american prisoners...this group was working in our SAMBA PARADE ARENA.

So you will also see Copacabana Beach, Ipanema, the famous Christ, our Sugar Loaf (maybe) and everything you have planned. But be absolutely prepared to be be surprised!!! Be prepare to see great places that you will not see in any travel books...Get used with names like Tiririca, Itacoatiara, Feira do Nordeste, Monarchy in Brazil...things that you will think it is odd, but in the end it will be the best part of your trip!!!

I am here to show you a very different Rio. You will find in Rio de Janeiro someone much more than a tour guide, you will find a friend...MYSELF!!! Or Marcone, Françoise, Suzana, Diana and more people from my crew!!!

COME TO RIO!!!! And if you are reading my posting for the first time...GOOOOOO and spread the news!!! Tell to all your friends that if they ever think about coming to Brazil (even Obama came!!!) they will find someone who will show everywhere with crazy passion!!!!

Thank you very much,

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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