Sunday, March 27, 2011


I usually visit the popular community of Santa Marta. It is an opportunity I have to show to my guests how friendly and so warm our people are. From different levels of our society...there will be always a smile to tell you how special you are just for visiting us. Favela has been known as a place for poverty and violence...For long periods of our history it was not really a happy place or some plce to visit. Now since the population is reacting againts crime. The Favela is now like its very beggining the BIRTH OF SAMBA, THE BIRTH OF SAMBA and one of the fewest place where you can really see how genuine THE CARIOCA people can be. I always have fun when I visit it...These pictures were taken by my german friend Ollie that has a very deep concern about social projects and he was happy to see that people in the Favela are helping each other and also to notice that there is a strong presence in the State giving to this people at least a decent life and also it is great to see that there are also a concern among all people to improve and provide better life's conditions in poor communities. We are all working for a better World.
Visiting a Favela is also great for PEOPLE WATCHING and they really make you participate...If you go there in a hot day, people will be bathing themselves outside using basket...As I love water I did not say no and I was completely soaked. So be prepared, anything that happens there will be for the sake of your total joy and your presence there just help this people.

So in every visit...let's go to a grocery and buy some food supplies and let's be part of this community!!!!

There will be always a great surprise when you join me to explore this so different World in the city of Rio. And one more thing, the views from there are simply breath taking.


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