Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, you all know...I worked as a bull during my high season. I have been everywhere in Rio taking my guests to see very unique places, to make my people to experience real and local life in their trip. You noticed that I really did my be worked dearly to make your trip to Rio and your trip to other parts of Brazil something very special!!! After days and days touring I decided to accept my cousin's Luciana invitation to spend the weekend in Buzios with her daughter Giulia (which is also my cousin). I had one tour scheduled but I had no doubt, I accepted...even though I had to go back to Rio and have a tour with my Singaporean friends David, Swee, Annie and Esther. BUZIOS WAS THE SCENARIO OF MY SO WELL DESERVED REST...Our famous beach resort in the north of Rio de Janeiro State, a place where the beaches have blue turquoise water, a peninsula with a big number of inlets with breathtaking beaches and we stayed in a house in the quiet PRAIA DO CANTO. The only day free I had meant to me a whole vacation...I simply forgot about life and baked under the sun, I enjoyed the pool, I played with our family dog Nina and I felt like a child and really had heaps of Fun with our little Giulia. She is smart, brilliant and so funny to be with (well, no wonder she is my little cousin), but it is nice to be surrounded by people you dearly love and sometimes all we wish is spending great time with the family. We simply had a blast and I looooove thhis photo!!!
Nina made the whole difference in our weekend...She is an adorable puppy, a real child crazy for water. It was difficult to keep her away from the pool...You do not need to much to have fun in your life, just grab some people you love and express such a sentiment. Giulia with her clever mind also made me laugh and Luciana as one of my best friend just provided such a glorious weekend for us to get our chat updated!!! :)))))

I am an old dog....but I have my puppy spirit!!! Special when we meet Giulia...we painted Buzios like our playground. We love going to the beaches and we spend the afternoon in one of my favorite beaches, Azeda, a very tranquill corner where the sea is not rough and where I could take the most memorable nap in my recent days.

I am tired, but I am pleasantly tired, having a sensation of mission accomplished is simply priceless, but more tour are coming, I just recharged my batteries!

Luciana....we grown up almost together...This is the advantage of an only child, when we have cousins at the same age we never feel lonely. And I grew up with Luciana and my other cousins, but Lu (this is how I call her) is more than a simple cousin, she is one of my best friends and this time in Buzios was made for us to laugh about life, to discuss about family affairs and exchange some FAMILY GOSSIPS!!! :)

Your Tour Guide is very happy with his family and above all, your tour guide is happy about life!!! And thanks to you, you all provide very special moments and in turn I give you special moments too...

Being in Buzios is total is really one of my favorite places in Rio!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide - Travel Planner - And Good Cousin


Marcio. said...

Bom dia Rafael.... Voice poderia por gentileza me passar seu telefone de contato. um casal de amigos estara em Buzios e no Rio nos proximos dias e eu gostaria de saber sobre os seu trabalho com guia

Buzios Hotels said...

Like your post,nice photos,i think you had an amazing and memorable vacation!!