Sunday, April 10, 2011


I posted this picture once, but I will post it again because though we know for quite some time we hardly had the chance to take pictures together...And I am really into photography, sometimes I am worse than an avid japonese photographer. But anyway...FOLKS SHE WILL BE YOUR GUIDE IN THIS SUPER GROUP FOR FEBRUARY... Once you meet Suzi you will find a natural and informal diplomat of Brazil, she knows the secrets and the surprises of Rio, though we have a fixed itinerary, she will know how to use properly the improvisations if necessary!!! She is my friend, a very good one, she is very keen on Rio and she is a very experienced yout guide in the city. She is the one who really adores Rio and she is part of the crew. I trust her and she gives me a lot of happiness in my work. Rafael Torres Lopes Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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