Sunday, April 10, 2011


Impossible to resist the grace of exploring Rio with a super high sense of humour...Hard to resist to meet such a sensational woman whi happen to be one of my best friends!!! You will be simply with one of the best TOUR GUIDE and I would say...RIO'S INTERPRETER...She understand deeply the spirit of Rio!!! You know...I am just only one and the FEBRUARY TOUR WILL BE SPECIAL and I need special people around me to help giving you the real taste of Rio, as you can well see in the picture, we are informal, fun and we will be your friends while you are here!!! Françoise IS THE GIRL!!!!! :) She will introduce you Rio like it is your very old and dear HOME. She has all my confidence. I work with tourism and travel planning for 12 years and I can easily tell when someone is really committed with your fun, joy and knowledge about the place you choose to visit. She is just like me...SHE IS MORE OF YOUR FRIEND THAN YOUR GUIDE.
And believe me, it is a miracle of dreams to have a good friend and a good guide in Rio at the same time!!! Françoise will be one of us and you will be in good hands with her.

We regularly visit our places to be sure to provide you lots of fun and make sure you will do many things out of the tourism industry. Visiting Rio will be like visiting old friends who are absolutely overjoyed to show our HOUSE!!! And the house is Rio and Niteroi!!!

We are ready...LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...This bubbly and fantastic woman hardly can wait to welcome you. Together with myself, Marcone and Suzi, we will be the ones who will welcome you!!! :)

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