Sunday, April 10, 2011


In the first encounter I am sure you will think that you will be welcomed by a child...but you will deal with a real brasilianist, full of knowledge about Brazil and his biggest passion Rio de Janeiro. He is a citizen of the World, he is opened to every single culture and he WORSHIP people!!! A tour with him will be a GIGGLE TOUR, that is for sure!!!
Marcone is a person who loves his tradition and he comes from a very culturally rich region in the Amazon called Maranhão State and we often travel there to research about unique places to take our so interesting and well travelled guests!!!

Marcone also has a very accurate and informal CARIOCA way of life!!! MARCONE IS VERY COPACABANA. MARCONE IS VERY IPANEMA AND MARCONE IS VERY RIO DE JANEIRO!!!

He knows the secret and he learnt all the trickes that I have to make RIO impossible to resist for you to have the best time in life!!!

With his guests, he is a great companior and real good friend, showing you every corner, just like he did with our canadian friend Vanessa, she loved Rio so much that this is her forth time here and she became a SAMBA SPECIALIST and thanks to Marcone's enthusiasm about Rio and my restless love for Rio...Vanessa is one of my tour guides here and she is very expert in Walking tours in our Downtown and she is the best contact I have in Rio that opens all the door to the SAMBA WORLD in Rio de Janeiro.

Just like one of us...Marcone is very relaxed, he is not afraid to express his opinion in the kindest way and he makes you feel part of our life!!! Marcone embraces passion, knowledge, smile and friendship when you explore Rio with him.

A Child???? Well, his BABY FACE deceives alot...he is a smart and well experience guide in Rio de Janeiro and we all love his charisma. His leadership is natural and he defends his guests radically. Strolling around in Rio with him you can be sure that you will laugh alot!!! he is a tour guide for almost five years now!!!

I refuse to tell you his age, this is something that you should ask him, and you will be impressed to know!!!

We also travelled to Argentina where we work. We are in Buenos Aires quite regurlarly to establish contacts and to provide you a great experience in our neighboring country!!! Argentina is a fantastic place and adds a lot of value in your trip to South America. Our friends in Argentina like Alejandra and her family that always invite us to spend some time in the beach coast city of San Bernardo, and our friend Veronica, Mariano, all the people we love that always make our stay in Argentina soooo special.

But you can also count on us when you port or land in Buenos Aires!!!

Even our police loves him...he can be the safest tour guide ever!!! :) I am happy to share a great part of my life with him. We live in the same apartment in Copacabana, so no one better than me to tell you that you will be in excellent hands with Marcone.

One day with Marcone in Rio will be the sign that you will come to Rio forever!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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