Monday, April 11, 2011


But not that FORMAL!!! :) I would say, the smile will be the same because when you come to Rio you make me happy, when you simply give me your travel wishes and I make them true, I feel complete and the sensation in the heart when in the end of the tour you tell me you will be again; then I know that I have made the best choice!!!
In February, I will welcome tons of guests...And I am prepared...I will be with you for several days and also my wonderful team of guides, Marcone, Françoise and Suzi; and some other associates of my total trust. The dreamof getting to know Rio is growing and I am working hard to be here and give you all the assistance you need!!!

12 years working to give you Rio a loca,l perspective, no matter if you are just yourself, a couple, 4 people or the whole paraguayan national force!!! I am here to welcome you with big smile and very informal way to make you feel special when you come to Brazil.

The door to Brazil is no doubt RIO DE JANEIRO...And here you can have m yself as your friend and the person who will show you the genuine path of a real traveller. I do with my guests what I do when I travel around the World. More than a traveller I am a travel researcher and very keen on places where we will have a unique experience!!!

I AM NOT THE GUIDE WHO WILL SAY - ON YOUR RIGHT SIDE YOU SEE COPACABANA BEACH, ON YOUR LEFT SIDE YOU WILL SEE THE CHRIST...Everywhere we go you will know alot about local aspects of our society and you will see beautiful spots all around the city!!!

I am an official guide of the Paraguayan Army when they come for the annual military lectures provided by our Goverment; I am also the official guide of the Spanish Navy when they come with the school ship Sebastian del Cano every year, but I can be your private guide as well...All about water in a way as you can see in the pictures above.

12 years of total happiness, many places covered, many friends made and my name all around the World as someone who are not so worried about the Tourism Industry for the simple fact that I am not an industry. I just enjoy to welcome people and give them a great time!!!

I know the culture in the States, in Europe and so many different countries that my guests belong. I know some cultures are very conservative, reserved and formal...but when you meet me...GET YOUR SPIRIT PREPARED!!!!!!!

I will be like someone you know for ages...I will be the person who will die of pleasure to see you here and do not be impressed that if I meet you I will give you a tight hug!!!

Brazilians are informal people in my case, I was born in Rio!!!! And worse!!!! I have spanish blood!!! My decendents came from the FIRE OF HEART LAND called Andaluzia!!! OLÉ!!!!!

And you know...RIO DE JANEIRO - BRAZIL - LATIN AMERICA - Here life is lived in a very pleasant way, despite of all problems a brazilian person will give you a smile!!!

So coming to Rio for your tours...bear in mind that your smile has to be shown. I want to meet the best of you because I will give you the best of me!!!

Working....Do I really work????? :) This is a question that my great friend Dolly from Arizona always ask!!! La Rae, my sweet friend from Spokane shared giant laughs with me!!! Nancy always had fun when we meet!!! On the ground and by the sea we will have a blast, because I have a blast every time I am touring. Trips, tourism and people are my major passion in life!!!

Well, my friends, fun, history information, real facts, real people, adventure, laughs and beautiful images are guaranteed everytime you make use of my tours. you will have a tour guide to provide you a very pleasant experience when you dock or land in Rio.

Not only me, but my best friends who greatly happen to be TOUR GUIDES as well, will be here in February and of course all year round to welcome you with great enthusiasm.

I might be busy for some days but be sure that once you are with my people you really have the same experience and the same quality of my tours!!!


Thank you sooooo very much for everything!!!! I am blessed because my work gave me wonderful friends all over the World, and you will be the next one!!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide - Travel Planner - A friend in Rio

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