Friday, April 15, 2011


The second day in Rio will be a golden ending of page in your Rio's adventure!!! It will be the conclusion that you need more days in Rio to realize that your home is here!!! A good companior you will have, me and my guides will take care of that...We will find time and use a lot of improvision according to our time, according to the weather. The chance to see Rio by the EYE OF A LOCAL is now!!! THIS IS OUR ITINERARY: Early in the morning, you would go to the famous Sugar Loaf and the surroundings where you can see samples of our Atlantic Forest .

THE SUGAR LOAF is a important symbol of our city, this landmark can be seen in a distance in so many different directions you take in the Atlantic Ocean. The mountain is gorgeous and the views from the top is breathtaking.

Before heading to Niteroi, the biggest surprise in every tour. It is my homeland. I was raised in the other side of the Bay. We will have a stop in a place very close to the Pier...We will see the very old Monastery of São Bento, an impressive barroc church that was built in 1590!!! A little bit of our history, a little bit of our tradition will be experienced with you!!!

Niteroi is a hidden jewel in your trip to Rio de Janeiro, and the itinerary continues:

Then you would visit the other side of our Guanabara Bay, you would see the city of Niteroi that gives you a spectacular perspective of Rio’s skyline with its lovely mountains, you would see very charming and unique fishing villages and impressive military forts and of course you will visit the famous Modern Art Museum and my paragliding school on the top of Parque da Cidade Hill.

IMPORTANT - When I say visiting the Museum - it does not mean that we are going to see the Modern Art, it means that we are going to see such an unique landscape that this location offer!!! Remember that Mac - the Museum - is a project of our very famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, the same person that constructed our capital Brasilia.

In Niteroi , which is the second most important city in the State of Rio de Janeiro offers very interesting places. Just by crossing the Bridge, you will have lots of fun. Then you will see just the outside of our MODERN ART MUSEUM which is a project of our famous architect OSCAR NIEMEYER and the building has breathtaking views of the Bay Side, then we will see a very charming fishing village of Jurujuba, you will also visit the Military Fort of the Holy Cross and see other hidden beaches such as Adan and Eve; and as a grand finale we will reach a view point where just locals know where it is, the Parque da Cidade, everything will make your TRIP the most fantastic one!

I also have recorded some special videos on youtube where you can have an idea about a unique place we are going…PARQUE DA CIDADE, a very local viewpoint where you can see all over Rio and the city of Niteroi: – In this video I explain one of my new tours that passes through Niteroi. – One of my guests talks about my tours in this viewpoint that I will take you, his name is Mark.

Join us as soon as possible, the vacancies are very limited...This is the chance to have a unique experience in Rio completely different to so many other plastic tours that you know. The tour is genuine and the guides will be your friends forever!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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