Friday, April 15, 2011


I know that the number of guests coming to my tours are increasing enormously so with great clients and friends I decided to organize groups for February Tours. This is the time of the year when big numbers of cruiseships docks in Rio and this people need something real, genuine and out of the touristt plastic tours. I have a group of incredible tour guides, they are all people that I trust, they are all my close friends, so I know them very well, and I can easily recommend each one from the top of my well lived 12 years of experience in the tour business in Rio de Janeiro. And amazingly lots of people are writing to me requesting tours so I am in a crazy research about excellent and personal guides who will help me in this challenge. But for the Moment, with me, Marcone, Françoise, Suzi and Diana. But more professionals are being observed and they will do their very best to provide you a wonderful adventure in Rio.
We will have an air conditioning van good for 16 people but we will always form a group of max 14 people. A good suggestion, get to know friends in the Ship and write to me telling who is coming and then this will be a small private group where people know each other already.

The prices do not include meals and tickets. The Guides will always find genuine and local places for you to spend your money.

As for tickets, think that you will only pay the Christ, the Sugar Loaf and the boat in the Wetlands...

The tour will cover the traditional places that will make you tell to anyone you know - "I HAVE BEEN IN RIO" but the tour will give you the opportunity to see so many places that for sure no one will have access.

So not not wait too much until you make your decision, write to me and we will find a way for you to have the best time of your life!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend in Rio

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