Saturday, April 16, 2011


I still have very few guests from my second country, Spain, but every now and then they come and we have such a wonderful FAMILY DAY. This family is from the vibrant capital of España, MADRID.

I have spanish bloods, my descendents are from the south of Spain, Malaga and Sevilla.

Carlos came with his wife, Isabel, lovely and great people, and the infant Daniel. Carlos also brought his SUEGROS (in Laws) Trini and Eusebio...The day passed like a flash, it is always like this when the tour is GORGEOUS...

We saw the Forest, we went to the Christ and I took them to see my homeland NITEROI...

Well, Niteroi I know as the palm of my hand. I was raised there..and they kindly sent me this picture we took in the roof of Niteroi, the majestic Parque da Cidade on the Viração Hill. It is a very unknown spot that you can have a wonderful and unique view right in front of your nose!!!

Just like them you can experience different places!!!

Now allow me to practice my poor spanish to send to my RAMOS FAMILY my words of love...

Queridos...que gusto recibirles...que gusto hacer de Rio vuestra casa...que enorme placer sentir que en mi vida tengo nuevos amigos de nuestra Patria Madre. Ustedes saben muy bien lo cuanto vuestra Tierra late fuerte en mi corazon. Asi que gracias por el cariño y por toda la amistad.

Son gentes de mucho valor y les espero para una visita aun mas larga en mi Tierra que tambien es suya!!!

Tanto en Rio como en Buenos Aires, y tambien como en Madrid, siempre tendran alguien en Rio para hacer de esta ciudad tu hogar!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend in Rio

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