Friday, April 15, 2011


Whites, blacks, yelllows, reds, greens, grays, blues...All colors will be together in Rio next February...You will be here before, during and after Carnaval Time and to be honest it will be Carnaval all over the month...And as you know sometimes Carnaval starts when Carnaval ends!!! It is crazy but evereywhere we go. Samba will be present. OUR FEBRUARY SUPER TOUR WILL WELCOME INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, PARTY OF FRIENDS AND GROUPS. We are organizing very exciting tours as you will see in the section...THE FEBRUARY SUPER TOUR. Here you will find information about our itineraries and guides and all the logistics in detail. It will be your chance to experience something that I consider, THE SOUL OF RIO!!!

Life is 24/7 in Rio during this my work and in my private life I am all dedicated to Carnaval. This is the time of the year that being happy is not sufficient, you have to be absolutely overjoyed. It is the time to live your life like it was your last day. It is a time where every single face you look you will be blessed with a large smile!!!

Carnaval in Brazil is fun everywhere...The best way to travel the country and get to know how naturally people get together just to dance, have fun and a wonderful time for you to understand even more our exciting culture!!!

The african traditions gave us the Samba, the Batucada, the Samba da Crioula, the Maracatu, the Coco. They gave us joy and convince us that life can be simple and magnificent with very few stuff, just bring your good will, your curiosity and your happiness then CARNAVAL IS MADE!!!

Best places in Brazil where you can have the best Carnaval ever is for sure Rio de Janeiro, São Luis, Salvador, Olinda and Ouro Preto.

But now it is your time to come to Rio and see what is REAL PARTY!!!!

We will be here to help day and night...Let's organize night tours also...the tours in the day you can read in the postings below.

As for prices, you just have to write to me and I will let you know!!!!

Book your presence as soon as possible!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend in Rio

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