Monday, March 14, 2011


This work is so incredible that always gives me fantastic friends! And for the second time my german friends Sandy and Bernie came to Rio and they gave me a "tough" mission, taking them to Angra dos Reis. Which is a city in the south of Rio full of paradise islands (ONE OF THEM IS ILHA GRANDE) and fabulous inlets.

They are great travellers...they do enjoy spending some wild days guess where???? PARAGUAY!!! But they proved that Paraguay is really a good destination specially if you visit a GuestHouse on the Lake Ipacaray in the outskirts of Assumpcion, the Capital of the Country.

The Guest House they stayed is called EL MIRADOR - if you like animals and wild not miss it!!! I think I will go to Paraguay just to visit them!!! The place is very green, the house is like a very well furnished family house, and be prepared to see a lot of cats and dogs....and BELIEVE IT OR NOT...get prepared to see a PUMA (a cougar!!!!!) - the only time I saw one was in the north of Quebec Province and an OCELOT. SO IF YOU ARE A NATURE LOVER GO TO PARAGUAY!!!!

And Paraguay has a beautiful nature specially around Paraguay River, the many different falls all over the country specially the Monday Falls but it is important to have a local to be with you all the time.

This paradise has a website -

After some days resting in the rural and countryside area of Paraguay (and for german standard, this is considered a super and excentric trip - which I love!!!) they came to Rio...staying for the second time at MARTA'S GUEST HOUSE. The famous penthouse in Copacabana beach (you can read more if you visit

Sandy asked me to take them to Angra and I was a work mixed with fun and rest. And Marcone agreed to join us!!!

For those who do not know, Marcone is a great member of my team of tour guides, he is my very best friend..english student..he is everything!!!

The challenge was accepted and after so many curves driving around the Contorno Road we finally reached the Cottage Pousada da Figueira. It is a very green spot right in front of a fantastic inlet..the beach has the same name: FIGUEIRA.

I confess that after many times I have been to Angra, I have never stepped foot in this green and secluded piece of Paradise!!!

FIGUEIRA BEACH IS LIKE THIS....Very calm sea, so clean and the sparkling green waters are like I say...A REAL ORGASM!!!
We took this day to rest and was not a day off...but let's was a delicious "hours off"

This beautiful panoramic picture was taken by Bernie and you can see Sandy, Marcone and I enjoying the beach and the magical scenery of Figueira. This place shows you that Brazil is a fantastic option for every kind of holiday that you can ever think for your life!!!

Nature and the ideal place for romance...The great taste of my german couple brought me to this place. The cottage is a great place to stay, very private, very well fornished...people there have style. Another very positive issue in the Pousada...their food is simply outstunning...
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL MY GUEST TO EXPERIENCE THIS POUSADA...Pouada da Figueira - here is their website:
Bernie and Sandy are very sure that Brazil is their home away from Germany!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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