Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When I decided to cross Toronto's Lake just to see what's in the other side I fastly noticed that I was the only one in the deck...I wonder why...

But I have to tell you that is the best way to see the skyline of the city!!!

I was going to Centre Island in some islands that I am sure in the summer must be very interesting, full of parks, gardens and people seeking for some fun escaping from the big city...

Yes I was on Toronto a long time ago and it that time I did not realize that I would get so many wonderful friends, NOT ONLY IN TORONTO BUT IN THE WHOLE ONTARIO AREA...A Province that I adore and always have a good time!

This is to say that I love Canada!!! Always do...Canada is part of my heart and this land share with me most of my dearest life's memories!!!

I am proud to be a friend of Canadians...I am proud also to have so many friends in North America that gave me so much fun in my tours all around Brazil and South America!

I am very fortunate because my job makes me be THE FRIEND OF THE WORLD!!!

And Hallo is fantastic to be your friend!!!

Please for other people not from not be jealous...My endless heart has space for everybody!!!

It is just a special part in my blog to tell all the Canadians how special they are to me!

So come to is not so cold as Canada, but the warmth of Canada is present all year round!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour guide and Travel Planner

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Elaine Lynn said...

hi! i have been reading your blog and am dying to have you as a tour guide!! i have a group of 6 girls that would like to book 2 or 2.5 days with you in september of this year! how much do you charge? what types of excursions do you offer, etc? contact me (LANEY) at