Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am sure you came here to know more about my tours, well...I am a tour guide, the person who will take you to places that you want to see in Rio...But this blog has no specific function...Sure, you will find a lot about my tours, the places I go, the places I take you...I also show you the day with many different guests that turned to be incredible friends of mine...

Here you will know what I think about Brazil, my work, my guests, my own life, things that I am not afraid to share. My guests are friends and this is maybe one of the devices I have to make you know more about myself.

IT IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL is intented to be INFORMAL...and you know really well that I AM NOT FORMAL...I am a tour guide but in every email I write I am very clear, I want to be your friend in Brazil.

IS IT A WORK??? Yesssssssssssss It is my work, but it is also my personal passion!!!

My work gives me wonderful people...I have Marcone with me all the time and I have Marta with me all the time...One great tour guide and life time friend and another life time friend and maybe the best promoter of Rio, Marta Miller...I love her GuestHouse...this is where you will find me in every New Year Eve when I am in town. Actually these two people are ones of the most important personalities around me.

Well, but you are still curious about my tours and you will find them in my blog...I have the postings right below: - one day tour – very complete full day - Tours for 2 days - tours for 3 days - tours for 4 days.

Part of my free time I travel the country to find places where I can take you...specially in my own State, Rio de Janeiro and another very faraway place up north, the wild State of Maranhão. I love my country...I think I AM VERY BRAZIL!!!

I travel the country to meet "real character", brazilian people inspire me...Just like Seu Lula in the small tiny city in the dry Agreste of our State Paraiba. He was called Lula way before our ex-president call himself LULA!!! I learn with my own people the value of being part of this HOLY LAND. And when you come here my big concern is showing you the same Brazil that I always search for....

When you think about a tour guide, maybe you are thinking about a person wearing a uniform with a company's name in the shirt...I am sorry...this is not me....I am here to show you various faces of Brazil, starting with Rio, of course!
By the way...this unormal picture was taken in São Paulo....

Uhmmmm when I think about Brazil, I think about WATER!!! :) Brazil is a delicious SPLASH!!! Fresh water, salt water...I am so proud of all knowledge I get in my travels in this country, and you can be sure, once you trust me, I can make Brazil a easier destination for you.

For those who wants to know more about my tours...I have good news...I am thinking about a website, but you can be sure that I can give you very detailed information in my emails and you will be very well informed!
For those who wants to know WHO is the guide they trust their travel wishes...this blog is a great source for you to understand that I will make your trip special no matter what!!!
Thank you all for so much consideration, respect, trust and sure ALWAYS...that you can count on me!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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Pnina Klein said...

We enjoyed our trip in Rio with Rafa who guided us through the city with knowledge, patience and compassion. He and his assistant Sonia took very good care of us. Thank you both Rafa & Sonia.