Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Joyce and Tom were simply incredibly fun, they organized a tour in their cruise ship and they came with a party of 8 people, and we had a blast!!! :) In one day we did our best to see everything, and THEY EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING THAT RIO CAN OFFER!!!

We were blessed by the good weather too...

Joyce decided to send me some words after reading my previous posting and I think it is very important to share with my readers!

JOYCE'S WORDS: "We LOVE your blog!! I would have booked you as a guide after reading your blog!! We have been writing emails for a long time and everything I wanted to know about our day were completely planned. By reading this blog I was sure that we would have a great day because the blog shows everything that Rafa is.
Rafa is the spirit of Rio itself, he always has something to make our day even better!

Rafa is like a distant and always present relative in South America, very soon we noticed that he is part of the family and everything in Rio becomes familiar once you have his assistance and he puts a lot of his personality in the blog, so I am really sure that what he writes here is absolutely all you will see and experience in the tour.
A tour with Rafa will show you that Rio is absolutely one of the most important travelling destination for voyage lovers.

Keep on this lovely work, Rafa...We love your words and we trust your words! Keep on making us laugh with your adventures and tours. And thank you for being so important for us!!!

Me, Tom and my friends Gary and Rita are always your friends"
Well...needless to say that this blog idea really works...needless to say that if you want to know all the details of my tours, you can just write to me and everything will be discussed and planned in our emails.
Joyce and I exchanged more than a 100 messages and now she is one of my best friends in the States!
Thank you for your golden words, Joyce!!! ADELANTE SIEMPRE!!!!
We really had some adventures in Rio together that one day she will report here!!!
I close this posting dedicating my day for this lovely couple that I deeply admire...JOYCE AND TOM THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNNY AND BLUE SKY DAY ARE ALL YOURS!!!
I am sure you will be back to Brazil and I will always be here waiting for you and thinking for new adventures!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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