Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Three days in Rio is not a tour, it is a lesson about Rio and believe me I am a good teacher and I love ALL my students!!!! Being a tour guide is such a delicious job, I go everywhere in the city and it is always the best places and places that very few people go, working with tourism gives me a chance to meet so many spectacular people from all over the World. so taking people to see Rio in 3 days is making any trip to Rio sooooo complete, we will see not only Rio but also the surprising city of Niteroi right in the other side of the Bay, and to get there you cross a very impressive bridge.

So if you are prepared to be my student and having RIO DE JANEIRO as your VERY BEST subject, then I have a plan for you:

SO IN OUR FIRST DAY – We will see the Christ, part of the Forest of Tijuca and we will visit the very old neighborhood of Santa Tereza. Very light day where you will see fantastic views of the city, you will see the biggest symbol of our attractions, the Statue of the Christ and you will see where everything started in our history, the first district where the Portuguese settled for the first time! I will also take you for a walk in the nicest places of Copacabana and Ipanema, for some nice pictures!!!!!

SECOND DAY – We will head west of the city to see the off the beaten path coast of Rio, the gate community with a private beach called Joa, the wetland region of Marapendi and we will see the rest of the Forest, and we can end the tour in the Botanical Garden. Or we can start the tour in the Botanical Garden because it closes quite early in the afternoon. We will see how we will organize our time!!! If we have time I will take you to the last beaches of Rio in the western side of the city, so we will see Grumari.

THIRD DAY – Early in the morning we will see the city centre, with our busy rhythm but full of cultural centers, very interesting Portuguese buildings, we will see narrow and bohemian streets and some very important churches in Brazil such as Candelaria and Mosteiro de São Bento, and we will end our tour in Niteroi, our best surprise in any trip to Rio; going to Niteroi you will be able to see Rio from a different perspective and you will see a lot of new places!

In Niteroi we will see Rio from the other side of the Bay and we will discover such a fascinating and positive city. We will cross the Bridge and we will see a fantastic coastline in our Bay, we will see the Contemporary Museum - MAC; we will visit a fishing village in Jurujuba and we will have a grand finaly in my most favorite view point, PARQUE DA CIDADE!!!
I am sure that you will be thinking, three days is not enough...but bear in mind that you will always have a friend in Rio, and I have more ideas that i can share with you and even more secrets of this so SPECIAL RIO THAT VERY FEW PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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