Saturday, February 12, 2011


Diana is for sure one of my best friends and she is a very complete tour guide that works for me for more than 5 years. We did a lot together and she really gives a very intense flavor of fun and exciment in my tours. She is as informal as me, she is reliable and very experienced. But much more than that, she is one of the people who have home, food and washed clothes in my heart – LOOOOOOOOL

I got a lot of compliments about her tours, she speaks really great english and a tour with her will flow with a lot of fantastic experiences!

I am surrounded by wonderful people, and for sure Diana is one of them!
In January we welcome a very nice couple from Australia, Diana Wier and her husband David. I was busy in the days they came, so for sure, no one better than MY BRAZILIAN DIANA to give all the assistance while they were in Rio.

Thanks for that me and my Team got new friends in Sydney and for sure they know that in Rio de Janeiro they will always have friends!!!

We welcome travellers and we leave friends...this is our MOTTO.

Diana Persi once again proved that she is a wonderful guide and that she will always be part of the team!!!

Two Dianas and ONE DAVID exploring all over Rio, and the great coincidence was that our Diana also lived in Australia, so it was a perfect FAMILY TOUR!!!

Here I have the Aussie Diana’s words reporting her FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE in Rio!!!

And the photos of course!!! :)

DIANA WEIR WORDS: “We were a little unsure about how safe Rio was so we decided to use a private guide in Rio. This was the best decision we made as we felt safe the whole time we were there, mainly because we got some local insight from Rafa and his team: Diana Persi and Alexander.From the first time we emailed him until our departure from Rio, everything went smoothly.
Rafa emailed me an enthusiastic response in 24 hours with a lot of reassuring information, including my question about an unfavourable review on his team in Tripadvisor. Upon arrival in Rio, we were picked up by Alexander who managed to make sense of my broken Portunhol (mix of Spanish and Portuguese). Rafa also phoned to welcome us and make sure everything was going well. I thought this was a nice touch and made it feel personal.

Although Rafa was already booked out he recommended his colleague, Diana Persi, who he called “Rafa with skirts”. From my experience this was completely TRUE!! Diana replied to all our emails promptly and by the time we met her in Rio, we felt like she’s an old friend. She was funny, easy going, very reliable, and spoke perfect English. She made sure we got to all the places we wanted despite the wet weather that day. Funny enough we bumped into Rafa in one of the churches so we got to meet the man himself.

Being foodies, one of our highlights is a local restaurant in Santa Teresa where Diana took us. I had a chicken dish served with black beans, farofa and rice and she showed me how the locals eat them. It was inexpensive and simple but one of our favourite meals in Rio!We also booked Diana to take us on a trip to Buzios.
She suggested we took a schooner boat which visited a number of the local beaches. What a great idea! We had so much fun in Buzios and it was definitely a side trip worth making. The verdict: GO FOR IT! We think it’s money well spent. The local knowledge made such a difference in our experience of Rio. Thank you Diana, Rafa and Alexander. You are now our friends!!"

WORDS FROM RAFA – Thank you Folks for all the friendship, thank you for the confidence and you both can be sure that in Brazil you will always have friends!!! Hope one day we could go to Australia and check how wonderful your people are and how fascinating this so faraway land is!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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