Friday, February 18, 2011


He is famous in my blog!!! Actually in my brazilian life here, this great friend is a pop start. It is my brother and wonderful friend Terrence from North Carolina. He is a big friend of Brazil and he comes every year always bringing new friends!!! This time he brought richard and Kate and we had loooooooooooads of fun!!! Terrence is the kind of a person who has an open spirit to experience new challenges in life!!!

One day he will write a book about Rio de Janeiro, very keen in popular arts so no wonder everytime he comes he always get inspiration for paintings, some texts and some beautiful photography with the new places that I always love to take him...and here we have an endless number of spots to explore!!!

Terrence possesses a brazilian smile already, his soul speaks better portuguese than his mouth. He gets the vibe of a Carioca way of life and we are always doing local stuff like taking the Bondinho in Santa Tereza or going to a suburbian party in Madureira, we love being where the local activity is, and this is always what I will always take Terrence. Living our daily life!!!

A meeting with Selaron (important - he is very moody but this guy is a genious and we've got to understand, so always separates 20 reais or 50 reais to buy one of his tyles or least he changed the whole life of an entire part of Santa Tereza and Lapa) is something that we always do. And Selaron really loves Terrence's brazilian approaching.

For sure sharing great moments in Rio with my good friend Terrence is a privilege and I am very happy to have guests that come here all the time. My work is so generous, it simply gives me spectacular friends!

A stroll in the Centro with me demands a lot of local stuff, for instance, having a wonderful street HOT DOG...You will have a stomach revolution and with good food!!! As I keep saying...DO NOT BE AFRAID OF STREET FOOD IN BRAZIL.

This man wrote a review about my tours and I am more than happier to share with all of you...HERE IS TERRENCE'S WORD: " This was the third time I have used Rafa as a guide for my trips of Rio. Each time was unique and different with so many fantastic hidden surprises. Rio de Janiero is a city of such complexity that it is often overwhelming. A good guide will show you the highlights, but also the personal side of this city. Rafa has done that for me on three different occasions. I will continue to visit Rio and look forward to many more amazing treats from Rafael Torres. Choose him. He is superb!"

Well, I am proud to say in a very modest way...I brazilianized Terrence!!!
And Brazil will be always a home for him!!! ALWAYS...He knows he has a friend for life in Rio, he knows that I will be always thinking about to give him more Brazil to his heart and soul. My tours here are not only showing tours are visiting, experiencing, tasting...
Thanks Terrence for everything...and specially thanks for your generous friendship that caused us so many giggles!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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