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I have post it before but it is really good if I do it again, but now with a different approach, specially because a lot of people is requesting ONE DAY WITH RAFA...(book this tour here)

Alright, something you have to know about me...I do not only do main attractions, I mostly take my guests to places which are difficult to reach. I think like a traveller, never as a regular tour guide...

Be sure that I will not be formal, I will be your friend in Rio.

Be sure that you will not only visit Rio, you will experience Rio The photos you are looking in this post are the places that we will visit!!! :)

And click on the YOUTUBE links so you will see the videos I made during many tours... I JUST WANT YOU TO BE VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE TOUR, please read the following:

The tour will will start in Santa Tereza very traditional and bohemian neighborhood of Rio where we can see the beauty of our colonial portuguese architecture with its green and narrow cobbled stone streets and a big big human masterpiece, the famous stairs of Selaron which is a must in our tours. I have a vídeo where you can see the artist -

After that we will see the Christ Area - NOTE WE ARE GOING TO THE STATUE ON THE TOP OF CORCOVADO HILL - we will explore all over the Forest of Tijuca, a road full of lush green and with some nice surprises in local areas such as natural showers, waterfalls, some incredible views of the city and a beautiful lake in the middle of the jungle; then we will visit a very unique place, our big area of wetlands with seven islands and intense bird life, this area is called Marapendi, it is a real success in my tours,

Then we will drive to the other side of the Bay, crossing the bridge, we will find Niteroi, another city very close to Rio which will give you a very different perspective of Rio, you will see all over the mountains and the interesting skyline of the city, plus different beaches with beautiful coastline, we will visit the MAC, our interesting MODERN ART MUSEUM - NOTE WE WILL NOT VISIT THE MUSEUM, WE WILL SEE JUST THE VIEW AND THE BUILDING - a project of our famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, the same one who projected Brasilia; then we will see a wonderful fishing village that will give you an exactly idea of a real pace of life in a different Brazil.

Here you can see some vídeos that I have made during my tours in some of the places that are mentioned in this tour: – when we visited The Christ on the top of Corcovado Hill. – in one of our stops in the Forest. and – these vídeos were taken in one of the unusual attractions of Rio, in the wetlands of Marapendi. – My favorite hill side in Niterói which is a real highlight in my tours.

And finally – the fishing village of Jurujuba.
As you could notice it is a very intense will see the heart and the soul of Rio in just one single day...maybe because of your other commitments in the city we might cut one of the places, but I will always see what is best for you in this day!!!
Be sure that you will be doing a very special and unique tour. As people say, you will meet a guide and you will say good bye to a real friend.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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