Saturday, January 15, 2011


We have a very famous and prized film director called Hector Babenco that made a very interesting movie called At Play in the Fields of the Lord, a story of missionaires in the Amazon Jungle....I know that Brazil is a HOLYLAND for my dear and adored friend (I have her as my sister) and here she came...We had the honor to welcome her in her BRAZILIAN HOME...RIO DE JANEIRO. She was born in another blessed country which I also have it in my heart...Vanessa is from Canada and she brings with her the easy and generous smile of such a wonderful people.

Well, no doubt that Brazil loves her...she is a musician and always come to Brazil in search of inspirations for her brilliant work in Montreal. And this year will be special because she will make one of her most important dreams come true...

Vanessa once took part of the bateria of Viradouro, our Samba School from Niteroi, now after so many contacts and patience, she met people from another community, this time in Rio, and she got a chance to be part of the PERCUSSIONISTAS in a real SAMBA SCHOOL bateria (the drummers) and she will be part of the huge and very famous Samba Parade representing the community of Rocinha. In one of the nights in Sambodromo.

We know how important is for her to be part of a Samba School and the community welcomed her with arms opened. Just like the Christ that holds everybody that comes to Rio.

For the Record, Rocinha is the name of a famous "slum" or "favela in the west side of Rio, around São Conrado Area.

The violence situation has changed a lot and now thanks to the strong security of Rio, the place is calm and full of joy and energy. As we know, the real Samba comes from the Favelas and outskirts of Rio, regions that we call SUBURBIOS.

This the the third time we welcome her, portuguese is not really a problem for her, she can keep great conversation in our language. Rio is her house and Brazil lives in her heart. This trip will take longer because it is not only a journey to get to visit new places or learn even more about Brazilian Culture, it is a trip to the Soul of Brazil.
Vanessa is a great fan of Brazil and she always come with even more enthusiasm and I am proud to introduce always a different perspective of our history, tradition and culture.
And she will spend enough time to help me taking my guests to a lovely walking tour in the old city. She will help me to make Rio easier and more fascinating and impress our guests with so much BRASILIDADE. You will have a real "brazilianist" to walk with you through musical and colourful Rio.

A great start as Marcone and I have such a celebraty at home was taking her to the Saturday's Samba Meeting in our OLD DISTRICT of Telles. Officialy it is called ARCO DO TELLES, where we will find the first bakery, the first branches of our Post Office and State Bank, and you will stroll around the narrow and charming streets of Rio that will tell you 300 years of History. An last but not least, we had fun watching a wonderful street performance of the Samba Singer Gabriel Cavalcante who lead the street group Samba do Ouvidor for 3 years now...Lots of people, very fine music, wonderful company and a sort of "New Orleans" Atmosphere (with a 100% brazlian touch!) made our saturday so incredible!!!
Vanessa, be sure that you give us way more joy and meanings to our lives with your visit here. We are proud to have yourself in our lives and we are always here to make your brazilian life way more interesting each day!!!
Thanks alot for being so special and dear to us and I dedicate this weekend for you!!!
When we wish lots of happiness to people, I can wish to everybody LOTS OF VANESSA in your hearts!!! (if you know what I mean...)
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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