Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, I am sure that when you see those pictures you will think that we ARE NOT SERIOUS PEOPLE!!! Yes, we are serious but we are very passionate about our work and we are life lovers!!! Combining work and pleasure is our specialty!!! :)

Françoise is the Tour Guide that works with me and you will always have a "giggle tour" with her!!!

It is always a great joy when we meet in our tours. Françoise is always there together with my group of 4 warriors. Marcone, Diana, Suzy and Neyla. My wonderful friends that I trust deeeeeply!!!
I am always glad to introduce to all my guests the people I am honored to work with.
And Françoise is fun!!!!

We always discuss what is best for you to do all over Rio. We are very keen about OFF THE BEATEN PATH PLACES. We are always giving you the best local places and the best genuine things to do in the city and out of the city!!! We always research new places together and we use a lot of incredible improvisations that we can include in our tours!!!
You can see Françoise in action in the following you tube videos: - This is a typical funny day with Françoise in the wilderness of Rio, places that only residents of Rio know!!! - Here I introduce her to my guests and we made this video in one of our hottests attractions - a real indigenous tribe in the coast of Rio. Niteroi is a wonderful suprise in our tours!!!

We are here to make Rio simple and fascinating for you. We are here to show you that we are great guides but we are much more special when you feel that you are strolling around Rio with old friends, that is all about our passion for Rio.

One of the reasons I chose Françoise is that SHE IS NOT NORMAL!!!! :) hahahahaha
And I love NOT NORMAL PEOPLE...she is modern, up to date...she is simply one of my best friends in town. I know that she is here for anything I need...It is fantastic to work with people I do love and trust, so anytime I recommend her, you can be sure that you will be in hands of one of the best Tour Guides not only for Rio, but all over Brazil!!!
All my love to you who read my blog, all my love to Françoise, dear and adored friend,
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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