Saturday, January 22, 2011


I think I have commented about this issue here, but before I start you should know that RIO is also a name of a State, and it is capital is the city of Rio.

So Rio de Janeiro is the name of a State that belongs to a Region called REGIÃO SUDESTE and the capital is the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro.

Easy to understand, it is just like New York State and New York City...

All this to start talking about a possibility of a tour in one of the most interesting destination of our State...PARATY!!!!

Paraty is located in the south of Rio State, it takes four hours to get there by car and most of my guests from the Cruise Ships stop there, AND YES ---WE CAN GO TO PARATY and provide you such a remarkable tour in this soooooo charming colonial town.

And we have three different ways to explore PARATY with boat, visiting the mountains and also visiting the wild and unique beaches in the surroundings of Trindade and Ubatuba.

Paraty has various islands that you can reach by boat where you can visit hidden fishing villages with paradisiacal beaches. We can also have lunch in private islands, all this with a fishing boat in our disposal!!! :)

That day with Carole and Joe from California was simply fantastic, they really could understand that getting to know the non touristic places of Paraty such as Cunha will be something that will reimain forever in their minds and heart.
It is great to know that your guide will always be there when you arrive in the city! I will write much more about our days in Paraty!!!

Our day with Edwina and David were also spectacular, we visited so many islands such as Paraty Mirim and we had lunch in a typical fishing village in a remote area in the coast. We always use very simple but safe fishing boats captained by an experience "SEA WOLF" Orlando.
Master of the Seas and very experienced fishing man!

Many cruise line ships have Paraty in the itinerary and you can spend one day there with a lot of activities and different adventures!!! If you contact me in advance you can be sure that I can drive to Paraty and meet you in the pier.
Of course we will find some tiome to explore and walk around the old and cobbled stones narrow streets of the HISTORICAL TOWN which in portuguese we say CIDADE HISTORICA!
Marcone and I had a glorious afternoon exploring the islands of Paraty with our cool friends from California (yes we are quite popular in Cali) Nancy and Phill, we hired a fishing boat together and we had a blast!!!
Our tours in Paraty are very informal, you can be sure that you will have lots of fun!
We are always ready to welcome you in Paraty and some other stops where many Cruise Ships do such as Ilha Grande and also Buzios. We will make you experience the local culture with a lot of fun and beautiful places for you to enjoy life while you are in Brazil!
Me and Marcone are also part of a very cheerful team which is always here to take care of you and your dear ones!
Come and enjoy unique places that only you will visit. You know that we are very keen on off the beaten path places, we will always organize something special for you!!!
Please do use a lot of advance, going to Paraty requires very complete plans and we want you to fall in love with Brazil.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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