Sunday, January 30, 2011


What does come to your mind when you read "NITEROI"??? Maybe nothing because your trip is to Rio...but when your guide is Rafa (lol lol lol ME!) or any of his friends...NITEROI will be a real surprise in your plans.

And one of the places is for sure this wonderful scenery of PARQUE DA CIDADE... it is more than a viewpoint. It is a place where you will understand that Rio is for sure one of the best trips in your life!!!

My friends Christine and Johnny came from England and they had a great time in Niteroi.

People say that the best sunset in Rio is the Sugar Loaf; well, the best sunset in Rio is not in Rio, it is in another will find it in NITEROI. Again Parque da Cidade will impress you!!!

Such a wonderful place where you will see the magnificent city of Rio right in front of your eyes! Anytime of the day you should include Parque da Cidade! Not so famous in the travel books, but completely NOT TO MISS place in my tours.

I am always happy to welcome you, I am always in the mood to make Rio so simple and so fantastic for you. I am a Tour Guide for 11 years now. One more year of great happiness in my life to promote my homeland and my wonderful country to you.
These years of experience I dedicate to all of you, my wonderful guests and real friends from all over the World.

Everytime we go to Parque da Cidade, where people jump from the cliffs with colourful paraglyders, it is a chance for PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS like myself! And surely writing here in my blog is also an opportunity to show my photos.

A visit to the city of Rio also gives us some cool surprises...we find waterfalls in the way to Canoas Road and a meeting with the scenic Ocean Forest of VISTA CHINESA will make you fall in love with RIO.

One more alternative spot in Rio is the fishing village of Jurujuba where you can experience the slow and lazy pace of life of a Brazil that stopped in time, it will be also a visit to some poor communities where you will see that richness also lives in the heart of the people!!!
We walk through narrow streets where the most common word is a kind BOM DIA!!!
Good Morning in Portuguese.
All the best for you,
Rafael TORRES Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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