Sunday, December 5, 2010


Not a long while ago I was asked which of these places I prefer...Paraty or Ilha Grande....uhmmmm I don't know!!!!Each place has its treasures!!! And I feel very rich to have two treasures not so far from me. In my very rare free time I get my car and I stopped in one of these places!!! Some of the best emails that you got were written in Paraty or Ilha Grande, hahahaha I always bring my notebook and start writing endless messages, endless texts. Maybe I am a write and I do not know about it.

Anyway...your trip to Rio de Janeiro can be even more special if you take at least 3 nights to get to know some places which for me are ones of so many beautiful places not only in Brazil but also in the World.

So what do you prefer???? Cats or dogs??? (remember that you love both!!!)

So one of my dear guests asked me...Paraty or Ilha Grande.
It is like asking me if I prefer Lasagna rather than Gnocchis...I love both!!! :)

Paraty combines culture, adventure, history, nature and ocean and the quietness of my favorite Pousada which I love.

It is a simple place in the heart of the historical centre called Pousada do Ramiro!!! The owner treats me like a grandson...

And I love walking in the old streets of Paraty late at night, not even a soul, it is the chance I have to think about my life!

Paraty also has a mountain region which I love to be hidden, if you know what I mean...I love hiking there because I always find a different specie of bird and I can swim in a breathtaking waterfalls

Ilha Grande wakes up my adventurous every visit to Ilha Grande is a challenge because I was explore a different side of the island and it is also a rhythm of life that I do appreciate.

Sitting on a píer and watching the starry sky is something I always do when I am in Ilha Grande and I always notice a tear dropping....

Both places tell me that my passion for Brazil is soooooooo grand.
Paraty also has an extraordinary range of mountains called Bocaina which is a very well preserved National Park that covers 3 States of Brazil - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. One neighborhood very close to the historical center is called CUNHA. And every visit to Paraty, you have to go to Cunha to know more about our very old coffe and sugar cane farms. If you love birds, wow, everywhere you go you find colorful tanagers and incredible toucans. it is a chance you have to commute with the nature and you can relax in the various natural pools. CUNHA IS SIMPLY AMAZING.

Ilha Grande as the name says, it is an island!!! And I love the sensation of being all surrounded by water...AND HOW FANTASTIC WATERS!!! Once you are there you do not hear a boring noisy of cars or just hear birds, dogs barking of the scary sound of the BUGIOS...a very shy monkey who love to scare people with their streaming. When you are hiking and the BUGIOS notes your presence, surely you will think that you are going to be attacked by a GORILLA!!!

Maybe Paraty has more things to do for me and I am always enthusiastic when I go to Paraty...So I think in a way I prefer Paraty!!!

Paraty and Ilha Grande is a plce for two and I had very very special moments in both places!!!

And worse...Brazil is a continent and I am happy to tell you that I know alot about my country, I have been to so many states of Brazil. And the places you find in this countries are to die for!!!!!

But I am really complete in these two simple places...Paraty and Ilha Grande.
I love Brazil...this country gives me everything I need, this country even gives me YOURSELF!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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