Saturday, December 4, 2010


All this work is not possible without the help of so many great friends. I am here to make everything simple and easier for you in Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro. So I need great people around me and I am very lucky to have wonderful drivers and brilliant tour guides. Now I noticed that I cannot work alone. And I think you should know all the people who work with me and provide you such a quality tour and great trip when you choose my services!!!

ALEXANDRE, since I met him, always have been absolutely incredible professional. He helped me in a time that I was really in trouble. My car was hitted by a crazy and nasty drunk driver (I have drunk people who put other's people life in danger) and suddenly I was without my working own car!!!!

One contact I had gave me Alexandre's number, I called him and explained my situation. He promptly said: I AM WITH YOU!!! And he was my driver for months, while my car was in the garage, I used his services a lot, and you know, I am very grateful to my people, now I ellected Alexandre to be the person to pick up my guests when they come to Rio and he is also the one I recommend for every kind of transportation work when my guests need it.

We also drove all over the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais touring with an english couple Edwina and David from Brighton for two weeks, and he was perfect...We took this picture above in the amazing historical town of São João del Rey.

That is his car, one new CHEVROLET SAFIRA, this model was designed for the brazilian market, it is very spacious, great for 4 to 6 people (too much luggage I use two cars), air conditioned and comfortable!!! This Alexandre's car.
I highly recommend him to be at the airport waiting for you. He will always have a sign with your name, but in advance I always send the link of a little video that I made close to where I live, and I want you to see -
Yes, this driver is famous!!! :)))))))

He is always welcome to share the same table with us, he is so shy that he always says no, but we can convince him easily!!! He is such a striver...His work helps him to keep his house with his wife Patricia, another good friend of mine. And he also gives his Mother all the assistance she needs!!! HE IS A FAMILY GUY always with a big smile in the face!!! This photo was taken in Santa Tereza during my texan friend Brooke's visit.

Yes...memorize all the pictures. He will be the person who will welcome you in your first steps in Rio. He has all my confidence and enormous admiration. Alexandre is my personal friend and his work excellency makes a difference.
He does not speak english, he know how to communicate quite well, and he will always have a cell phone to talk directly with me. So language will not be a problem!!!

I am very grateful to count with Alexandre's service, he is a fantastic driver and an amazing friend!!! So when I send Alexandre to you, you can be self assured that you will be in very good hands.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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