Sunday, November 14, 2010


Selaron is one of the most interesting characters of Rio de Janeiro. He has the heart and the joy of Brazil but Chile gave us the honor to accept Selaron as our dearest citizen. This fellow changed the HISTORY of Santa Tereza, the only one who gave colors in one of the various stairways of our bohemian neighborhood of Santa Tereza.
Piece by piece he shown us his thankfulness for being accepted in our country. We welcome everyone with arms wide opened!!! Now he has one of the massive human master piece in the World. And you can find this wonder here in Rio.
Surely, THE STAIRS OF SELARON is part of my tour. When we hear about Santa Tereza, Selaron is one of the names.
A chance we have to see a different Rio, a chance for us to be in touch with our curious people and a chance for you to be part of our lives.
Selaron will always be there, always ready to take pictures with his tongue out...he is quite extravagant, but he has a heart of a baby.
SELARON HAS A CARIOCA SOUL and he will be always there to say how happy he is to see you visiting every spot of Rio with Rafa.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour guide and Travel Planner

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