Sunday, November 14, 2010


When you plan a trip to Rio I am sure you never think about Niteroi....SERIOUS MISTAKE. Coming to Rio you will never think that you can see secluded and gorgeous beaches, indigenous communities, simple and fascinating fishing villages and so many different landscapes.

Who has heard about Niteroi???? Absolutely no one!!!

But I was raised in Niteroi which stands in the other side of our Bay called GUANABARA.

Niteroi deserves a whole day to explore the Bay Area and the Ocean side. Niteroi will give you more of Brazil and you will find out how wonderful our State is. The city is part of my tour ALWAYS. And when people say that Sugar Loaf has the most beautiful sunset of Rio...well I doubt!

Piratininga, Camboinhas, Sossego, Itaipu and Itacoatiara...none of these names are in your travel book, but I think it is time to change your mind!
Well, just see one of my videos and you will see how wonderful our wild beaches are, here is the link -

You know that my tours are very complete, it usually takes more than 8 hours but you will see many amazing places that you will never find in any map (forget about google map, eh? ) Niteroi will be a magic place for you to explore.

Bego y Victor from the Basque Country, Spain came to Rio and we had one day together. We had lots of fun and I could practice my spanish. They are Lopez like myself so it was a family tour. We went to many different places in Niteroi, we visited the bay side and the ocean side of Niteroi and we watched the sunset in Piratininga beach, such an impressive light, great inspirations for fantastic pictures!

My work gives me pure happiness, my work allows me to know people from all over the World and now my spanish friends are coming!!!
Mis primos, gracias por tanta amistad y por mucha diversion que tuvimos en este dia tan hermosos en Tierras donde yo crecí. Los recibí con gran honor y estoy seguro que nos veremos siempre por aqui y por supuesto en España!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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