Friday, October 29, 2010


Santa Tereza...where else can you go to really experience local daily life??? It is indeed one of my favorite places in district that you find something new to see just by turning every corner...a place where cobbled stones pictures tell you the history of the whole city. A Bohemian places full of portuguese influence in the tradition, in the cuisine and in the architecture.

Santa Tereza has a special vagabond way to learn more about the just be Cariocas...the creative graffites that we simply find in the walls allow us to let our imagintation fly, and as you notice...I do love to play!!! :))))) Richard and I really understood the spirit of Rio where we can ourselves. Richard came with his wife, our great friend Kate, and they were convinced by another great friend of mine Terrence, from North Carolina!

Santa Tereza ends in Lapa, another old historical neighborhood of Rio that show us the city glorious past...The place is old, sometimes abandoned, sometimes ugly...but the hoods have a soul and a strong personality...Walking in Santa Tereza and also in Lapa you can see local stuff, regular people, you will see the rhythm of the city. Kate was part of our today's history.

When we go to Santa Tereza the best way is to get lost and observe closerly the old classic portuguese architecture that really reminds us the streets of Chiado, Bairro Alto and Santo Antonio in Lisbon. Terrence and Richard really had fun in our morning walking around...simply no commitments with time, Santa Tereza has to be appreciate with no hurry.

The birth of Samba...Santa Tereza was one of the stages where real samba was performed by so many famous brazilian composers. Bars, traditional bars like Mineiro, Arnaldo, Espirita Santa, Santa Saideira you can listen to our wonderful music. Bohemians of all age, our times had Santa Tereza as their sole inspiration. Santa Tereza tells you a lot of Rio without speaking any language. You just have to "live" Santa Tereza.

The Bondinho... it is a tram, the only line in action in Brazil, the bondinho used to be the main transportation in the city since 1911. 0.60 cents of real for a funny ride around the neighborhood...It is not so perfect and well organized like the trolleys in Europe or the Cable Cars in San Francisco, but for sure it is something that you can do that will make you really feel at home in this city that I love and I am very proud to live.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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