Monday, October 25, 2010


You know when good friends get together just to talk about life!!???? Well, it was a meeting more or less like that because we were planning to meet and establish some stratagies and big plans to make your life even more exciting in Brazil.
10 years working hard to show a very local and genuine side of Rio and also the rest of Brazil forced me to look for more people to welcome the big number of guests who look for my tours. But it was not easy at all to find people with the same ideas, same thoughts and same kind of work that I have.
I gave lots of chances to so many tour guides in Rio but I was looking for special people and I decided to put together the BEST BRAINS in the receptive tours in Rio de Janeiro, part of this small group worked with me for years; some other members I knew their amazing reputation, and one member was picked up by instinct because since the first time I saw her I was convinced that I was dealing with a FIVE STAR TOUR GUIDE who will give a lot of happiness and great memories of anyone who choose to explore Rio under our care.
So we got together in one of the most popular night life spot in Rio which during the night has a bunch of very interesting bars and during the day it is a huge veggie market. THIS MAGICAL PLACE UNDER THE FEET OF THE CHRIST, THE REDEEMER...COBAL HUMAITÁ
My italian friends Cinzia and Lucca once shared some delicious snack in this market...
But we sat in a pleasant pizza place called PIZZA PARK.
In the picture, from left to right you will see myself...Well, it is easy to recognize me I guess...but believe me....that evening I was so happy that I have not felt the time passing by...WE STAYED THERE FOR 7 HOURS!!!
Then you can see Neyla Bomtempo, she is a reference in Rio Tours, someone who has the spirit of Rio with great experience to provide a very informal way to make people know a lot about Rio. She speaks great english and great spanish. She is another tour guide much more worried to make you feel at home in Rio than taking tourist to obvious touristy traps....She is another friend that you can really count in Rio.
Next to Neyla, you will see Diana Persi....she is one royalty in the tour business in Rio, she has a heart of Gold and she is a real sister for me. We are friends for more than 3 years, and I usually recommend her tours when my guests request tours. Diana speaks good french, her english flows like Iguazu Falls. I usually say that DIANA IS MY FEMALE VERSION, being with her it is the same as being with me.
On the top left you can see another flower of my very exclusive garden. Suzana Perl...One of the greatest professional in the area and the very first person I know who speaks perfect hungarian. YES....IF YOU EVER COME FROM HUNGARY...BE SURE YOU WILL HAVE SOMEONE TO RELY ON...And she has perfect english and very fluent french. Suzi is a sweet friend of mine and anyone who comes to Rio and have Suzi as a Guide, will have such a Lady to show you the best secrets of Rio.
Next to Suzi, you will find a marvelous guide with a charisma way bigger than Brazil. Someone with a large smile as a personal reference. Marcone Lima has made so many tours for me and everyone loves his work. His guidance is not only one adventure in Rio, but it is a lesson about happiness, life and fun. Marcone speaks english so fluent that you will swear that he had lived in a English Spoken Country, his spanish is also amazing and he will be your great friend in Rio de Janeiro. He is very knowledgeable and his passion about Rio will make you in love with the city as well.
And last but not absolutely incredible friend and marvelous Tour Guide, Françoise Sztajn. She shows Rio with endless style. She is open minded and very adventurous. She will make everything humanly possible to make you feel at home in Rio. She knows the hottest spot and she is very updated about what's going on in the city. Françoise is a master in French...well, she was born in France, her english flows naturally and she speaks great spanish.
WE ARE ALL RIO LOVERS!!! So be sure that always one of us will be ready to give you a real positive image of Rio and a fantastic knowledge about Brazil. We are a very united team and we work together.
I highly recommend each one of my folks....They are helping me to put Rio de Janeiro as one of the main destinations in the World.
Thank you my friends for being so special to me,
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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