Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Paraty is full of stories, full of traditions, full of endless beauties...full of peace and calm. And I am lucky to come here quite often, showing to my people one of the most fascinating region in the South East Region in Brazil.

People come to Paraty because they know that it is one of the most maginificent historical town in Latin América...In the past Paraty was the safest port to deliver all the richeness of Minas Gerais to our colony in Europe. OUR MOTHERLAND PORTUGAL.

Nowadays OUR MOTHER IS VERY IMPRESSED ABOUT THE POWER AND GLORY OF ONE OF HER CHILDREN...Now Brazil sees Portugal as a Mother left in a Sênior Center...I wish no portuguese is reading this posting now. But this is our general thinking!

Back to Paraty...Well I am coming to Paraty since when I was young....ohhhhhh Gee, such a long time ago! And it is always special every visit.

Strolling around the cobbled stones of the old village is a challenge for our feet, but it is the food for our imagination when we head back to the fantastic time when Paraty was very protected harbour that helped Brazil to become a power nation when all countries of South América were just colonies of Spain.

Religion is present in all churches of Paraty...churches ruled by rich wives and now very conservatice SENHORAS, churches built by afro-brazilians where only them could go, like all churches of OUR HOLY MARY OF ROSARIO; important trade center that sheltered people from all over the World.

The city seems to live the same rhythm as before...Every one knows each others...Here you can ask about DONA GEISA and every one knows who she is...In fact, she is the owner of the Pousada I always stay when I am in the town....

Paraty is not only tradition, religion and history...After walking all around you need action right!!!????? PARATY MEANS OCEAN AND MOUNTAIN...In one side we have the ocean, the Bay and the Islands; and in the other side we have the bewildering range of mountains SERRA DO MAR....

We discover the magic of our beaches, hidden inlets, fantastic tropical islands and then we go through the adventures of beautiful hikings to some incredible waterfalls, we find many old sugar cane and coffe farms in the depth of Cunha Valley.

I cannot resist to practice my adventurous profile, specially when we visit the old farm Murycana in Cunha, district of Paraty where the best Cachaças are found. It is an experience to understand our past and so many traditions in our countryside.

This is us visiting in Penha, a neighborhood of Cunha, for a Cachaça Taste in one of the Alambiques, we also bought a lot of yummy stuff that people do with Sugar Cane, what a funny morning!

Everywhere we go in my tours we find dogs or any interesting animals...When we visited the Escada Falls by the border between the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Our tours are much more closer to the local daily life and I love to make my guests part of it.

The beautiful scenery of Praia da Fazenda is spectacular even in a cloudy day. Edwina, David and me had a blast watching so many bird life. Going to Ubatuba is a real must when you come to Paraty. I am into Nature and I am sure you will learn alot about our fauna and flora which is more fascinating when you are close to a mangrove and untouchable beaches like many in this area of São Paulo State!

A boat tour is absolutely necessary in any trip to Paraty, here I know a boatman that I work for years, he has a new boat and his knowledge in this area is so amazing that every time I come, I always see a new place. Options are plenty and fun is do not wait, start planning a trip to Paraty and we will have a blast.

One of our stops when we explore the islands of Paraty is the charming inlet beach of Saco da Velha. Lovely place for a jump in the water, water so clean and so sparkling. We had lots of fun and good laughs during this absolutely incredible morning.So one day for Paraty, well it is possible...but you will need much more, at least two nights...and four nights is even better, just like this memorable tour that I am doing right now with my friends and great guests, Edwina and David from Brighton, England. My sweet family from Sussex.

Talk to me and let’s plan some days in one of the most unknown part of our absoluty stunning coast...Just one think that I highly recommend, when you think about Rio, plan also three extra days.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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