Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Her name is Françoise...Well she came to add a lot of quality, enthusiasm, happiness, fun and knowledge to your trip to Rio de Janeiro. And I got such a wonderful friend!!!

She is a brilliant tour guide with fluency in many languages specially in ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH.

My confidence she already friendship she conquered immediately. She is such a great professional, a wonderful mother and a fantastic person!!!

If you have the honor to get to know properly this city that I deeply love by the hands of Françoise, you will be very lucky. We work a lot together, we exchange a lot of ideas to improve a different way to visit Rio and Brazil.

We had a lovely meeting at home and I was coinvinced that I have such a jewel in my hard work on promoting Rio de Janeiro all over the World!!!

Thanks Françoise for being so pleasant, so efficient and so comitted to provide joy and a lot of wisdom to all my guests.

She is the one that I will easily recommend you in case I am busy with other tours.

Along with Marcone, Diana and Suzana, she is one of my main staff that will take good care of you!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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