Friday, September 24, 2010


For those who are visiting this blog for the first time, must be thinking...OH MY GOD!!! Is this weird person the one who will meet me in my very first visit to Rio de Janeiro?????

I am sorry to tell you...but YES!!!! I will be the one who will have the pleasure to introduce you the best of Rio, so I think it is a great deal for you to know more about me and realize that I am not a COMMERCIAL ROBOT TOUR GUIDE - THE ONE WHO JUST SAYS - RIGHT OR LEFT...I will be your friend in Rio and I will take you to genuine and real places that I am sure you will have Rio in your mind, in your heart and also in your best memories!

The real idea of my blog is to create a very informal space where I can express my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings and also my love and understanding about Rio and all over my country!

We were celabrating my little counsin's Miguel 8th Birthday andwe decided that every particpant of the party should where something different!!! In that evening I was very reggae oriented and I decide to make a tribute to Bob Marley!!! YEAH MAN!!! : )))))

I love children, for sure I am not the adult in the house...everyone in my family says that I have a childish spirit, in a way it is true. This gives me total strengh to face so many different challenges that life gives to the character was being brought to life!!!

Gleice is my cousin, we have the same blood and the such a firm partnership...she is my great companior in life and one of my giant inspirations and reference. Indeed a real sister and someone that we can say: BEST FRIEND!!! :))))) She is also Miguel's mother and she was helping me in the production of RASTA RAFA!!!!!!!!!

VOILÁ!!!! RASTA RAFA WAS READY!!!! Would you rely the success of your trip in Rio in the hands of this man????? :)))))))
Well, if you come to Rio at least you will have a great friend!!! (who happened to be a tour guide!!!) well, some reviews in the cyber world says that I am doing a good work!!!
So be sure you can come and I will take care of you!!!!
Sometimes it is hard to recognize is me...or not...but all I know is that I was very happy and I danced like crazy....
The final result...RASTA RAFA had a glorious night!!!
Join us in this joy of being not be afraid of surprises, there will be many of them when you come and they will be all pleasant ones!!! I assure you!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner
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