Sunday, September 19, 2010


That is true...Again, Texas in my life!!! It seems that I am getting famous there...and thanks God I have more friends from this giant and diverse State of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

YES....Texas, and it sent one MAGNIFICENT COUPLE, Brooke and Nathan...She came with big expectations about this new land called Rio de Janeiro, she was ready for vacations!!! He came for business and he was very upset because he would never have time to see Rio properly...

But we change his mind, and Nathan joined us in the second day and we had a blast!!!!

When there is love, everything turns to be way better than everything!!! :) So for me it was easy to please my friends...But Rio does it alone and very well...The beauty of Rio is the same of Love's Beauty...So it is easy to understand the positive vibe of the is easy to know that Rio is a delicious place to rest and see new things!!!
RIO IS HAPPINESS and we all know about that!!!!
How can you make a city boy into a Tarzan...I think we made it!!! :))))))) The contact with nature in Rio is obvious and we all get involved!!!
Specially myself...I always say that I am a mix of Jacques Cousteau and Charles Darwin!!!

My tours are also a trip to our past and our sitting in the old streets of Centro with great things just to nibble some brazilian SALGADOS and having the most delicious beer in the country (BOHEMIA) is something people do for ages!!!! And this is what my guests will have to experience in every moment they are strolling around the city!
This is part of our walking tour in the soul of Rio, in places where Rio started, in the narrow streets of Arco dos Telles.

The city has to be appreciated from the top...and on the top of Dona Marta Hill we had a blast...This is where great pictures can be taken with the majestic Sugar Loaf in the background! Mirante Dona Marta is the plan B when Christ is covered by the clouds!

The famous angel pictures!!!! :) Ohhhhhhhh this time Brooke had a blast in Rio, she shown the World her true faces!!! hahahahaha :) We were at the old church of Candelaria, great sample of our spanish and portuguese barroc.

Always wonderful to know where Rio de Janeiro started...Our very impressive Monastery São Bento...where the great boom of gold in Brazil, and many incredible churches were built in that time..and I am talking about 1576!!!!
Tradition and religion are still kept and I proudly show my guests some secrets that very few visitors know!!!
My friends, great friends, Brooke and Nathan are always welcome in a city that will be forever their homes outside Texas!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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