Friday, September 17, 2010


I am sure you have never heard about Ziraldo...a great brazilian writer, journalist, cartoonist and doubt he belongs to the brazilian intelligencia. One of the greatest brazilian personality in my opinion. And what I mostly like, he is just a simple person like all people from the friendly State of Minas Gerais.

Ziraldo is very popular among our children...he is the creator of a Turma do Pererê, the Super Mãe and the pop star Menino Maluquinho!

Which picture below you can see myself just like our Menino Maluquinho!!!

Well, now you this lunatic my tour guide in Rio?????
Oh gee...yes it is me!!! But whether people like it or not...I will always preserve the crazy child in me...I love Ziraldo, that is explain. Ziraldo is 78 years old now and he has been giving happiness for all children in Brazil from many different generation.
I wish the World could get to know more about him....
Well if you know some portuguese, please visit his page -
There is a fantastic exihibition at CENTRO CULTURAL BANCO DO BRAZIL, a beautiful 1800s building in Rio's Downtown, about Ziraldo's latest work...It is called ZEROIS, or in english Zeores, that Z means ZIRALDO!!!
I took my guests AND FRIENDS Brooke and Nathan there and we had a blast!
This could be explained by his vision on AMERICAN SUPER HEROES and it is a lot of our Brazilian Humour!
Well, I have always thought about Batman and Robin being more than friends...oh well! :) Ziraldo says everything!
This Captain America one made me die of laughing!!! Very true!!! :)))))))

We always thought they have an "affair"!!!!!

Yes, I am sure no monkey dared to say one single word to Tarzan when he sang in the jungle!

Not only Gulliver!!!! :) What a fantastic imagination...There are more than 40 paintings at Centro Cultural and it is free for everybody!

hahahahahahahhahaa :)))))))) Futuristic, eh???? :)))))))
Well, not only Ziraldo exihibition can be seen there, you will also find a very interesting research about Langsdorff, a russian explorer that helped Brazil to find out a lot of species of our fauna and flora!!!
Remember that visiting Rio is also a way to feed your culture!!!
That is why I love my walking tour so much!!! I am happy to share my childish side with all of you!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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