Friday, July 30, 2010


São Luis is a wonderful place to have fun. Well, I came here to continue my reseach about so many different locations that I will take my guests, but I also came here to see friends and relatives and to rest...

Everyday was a different marathon...during the day going to beautiful places in the surroundings of São Luis like Araçagi and Juçatuba, or simply going out with my best friends, this people that I deeply love!!!

I always stay at Corina's house, Marcone's mother; sitting in a banch in the gardens of the building is really a pleasure, it is so pleasantly cool outside with the breeze, and I did more than sitting down...I took a little nap...

Marcone was the photographer to show the World my Human Side :))))))

Two weeks in Maranhão again, and I will always come!!!

It was a time to rest as well, and also a time I took for me to have fun and see many friends that I love!!!

I am very grateful to this land! :)


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