Thursday, July 29, 2010


Juçatuba is not THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN MARANHAO. I know this State quite alot to tell you with not even a fear to be mistaken, but at least Juçatuba is interesting and really beautiful spot, but it has something that I have never seen in my life!!!

After walking hours and hours under a fierce the sand when the sea literally is gone, there are some holes in the sand that pops up mineral water from amazing fresh water springs! We spent hours there!

The person who told me this secret is a little boy from JUÇATUBA, he helps his family with the local fishing activities and he decided to show me and Marcone all around, and he knows everythjing about this part of the island!!!
Juçatuba is part of a city called SÃO JOSE DO RIBAMAR, and this city holds the back side of São Luis' island. Next to Juçatuba we can find the beach PRAIA DA MOÇA where the holes can be found, and GUARAPIRANGA where we can find amazing islands, but it will be for the next trip!
Plan a trip to Maranhã is your chance to see a real profile of Brazil that very few travellers could experience.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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